Useful Links

This page contains useful links which can help you find vital information for your upcoming move.

Canada Postal Code Look Up

A service from the Canada Postal Service, this site simple and quick way postal codes for your address book.

What Time is it?

Need to know what time it is where you are? Click the link to find out what time it is in any country around the world.


IATA codes are an integral part of the travel industry, and essential for the identification of an airline, its destinations and its traffic documents

Measurement Conversion

Don’t know how many ounces are in a hectogram? You will after exploring this site.

World Atlas

Need to know where you are or where you’re going? This site can give you the basics.


A service of the weather channel, this site will deliver forecasts from around the corner or from across the world.

Currency Conversion Calculator

Want to know how much your money is worth, click above and find out the Currency conversion calculator

USA Zip Code Look Up

A service from the United States Postal Service, this site simple and quick way to find new, old or lost zip codes for your address book.

Container Specification

This page contains useful links which can help you find vital information for your upcoming move.

Volume Weight Calculator

Air freight volumetric (chargeable weight) calculator.

Air freight calculator is based on volume measured weight also known as volumetric weight. The air freight will always be charged per kilogram against the greater weight whether it is the actual or volumetric weight.

Choose metric system

Metric (kg, cm)      Imperial (lb, inch)

Air freight chargeable weight:


Do Not Pack Items

Items not to pack – Please read carefully!

It is important that you understand which items you can and cannot ship. There are rules and regulations that govern all movers to help ensure safety. The following list serves as a guide only on what not to pack. If you have any specific questions contact us.

Flammable, corrosive or explosive items:

Dispose of perishables such as food and plants that may die or spoil in transit. You should empty your refrigerator and freezers for at least 24 hours before loading. Keep the appliance doors open so the appliance will dry out and prevent the growth of mold and odor.

Some articles are not accepted for transportation. We will assume no responsibility should these items come into our possession without our knowledge. Although these articles do not create a physical threat, it can create problems if your shipment is delayed or if some items are lost. This can be avoided if all irreplaceable, sentimental items are carried with you. For example:

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